Boxing fitness classes are taking Britain by storm!


Get trained by a champion

Boxing & Kickboxing for Fitness is rapidly becoming a popular sport for many reasons, not just limited to Physical benefits, but mental Health & wellbeing too.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Enhanced Cardiovascular Health
  • Weight Loss
  • Boosts endurance
  • Increases Confidence & self esteem
  • Improves & strengthens muscle tone, including core and upper body
  • Can increase alertness
  • Provides Stress relief
  • Increased stamina
  • Better posture
  • Learn a new skill

So, whatever it is you are looking to achieve, you can rest assured that with a bit of commitment and dedication, you will smash you’re personal goals at the NRG Gym!!

An hour session can burn in excess of 400 calories whilst having fun and getting fit!

Whether you would like to take part in some simple fitness training for half an hour or if you’d prefer an hour long high intensity workout, we can accommodate your needs. With a wealth of kickboxing and boxing experience our coach, Ross Phillips, is well equipped to train you to any level you wish, whether you’d like to acquire a few basic skills or work towards competing in a full contact fight!

You can train as frequently as you desire, alone or in a small group. We have a highly motivated, dedicated student base who will assist you in developing your fitness and boxing skills. Group sparring sessions are available at the NRG gym where there is no shortage of opponents to help sharpen up your skills!