Family & Kids

Family & Kids

I increasingly book sessions for kids and their parents to train together. Not only is this great to all train in a family environment, but you as parents can also see your kids progression whilst you are also getting fitter, but also spending time together reaching your family goals.

NRG Family and Kids boxing

I have quite a few Teens still training with me, having started when they were just 7 years old or so.

I suggest kids can start training from approx. 4 years old, though this can vary in line with each individual child, beginning with some basic skills and movement.

Private 121’s are available in addition to small group sessions.

The NRG kids classes are all about having fun and self achievement. I can teach your child to Box or Kickbox in a fun safe environment. 

I am dedicated and passionate, ensuring the kids fitness classes are both interesting & productive. I have had some outstanding results through the kids at the gym, 2 of them having obtained their Black belts in Kickboxing!

The gradings give the kids a great feeling of self achievement whilst learning valuable skills, keeping fit and most important enjoying themselves!

The classes are social, the kids make new friends, increase their self confidence and expend some of their never ending energy!!!

NB: I’m sorry, but these may cause some serious competition between family members!!