Kickboxing is a combat sport, based on Kicking and Punching, but effectively it is a total body workout. Mixed with boxing, Practiced for self-defence, general fitness or as a contact sport.

You can either opt for a Kickboxing 121 to begin with, and as/when you progress, this can be continued in a group session environment.

NRG Kickboxing

What can you expect in your Kickboxing 121?

Warm up – Relevant to the Grading warm up’s, which increase in difficulty as you work up through the belts.


Basics such as Fighting stance, Various types of Kicks & punches
Pivoting, Slipping & Rolling, the moves to avoid those punches!

Kick pads – Great for core strength, and really raises the heart rate, helping to increase your fitness level.

All designed to your own personal level, and requirements.

Kickboxing Gradings

In addition to training in Kickboxing fitness, maybe you would like to develop your skills, and progress further by working towards your Kickboxing Grading belts.

Gradings are every 10 weeks. If you successfully pass your Grading, you will be awarded with an NRG certificate and Appropriate coloured belt to reflect your hard work.

Belts start at White Belt, and go up to Black Belt