Ladies Fitness

Ladies Fitness

Boxing related fitness classes are taking Britain by storm. They have become increasingly popular with Ladies, who wish to increase their level of Fitness, muscle tone and to assist with weight loss.

I teach a morning session ( for ladies) of all abilities and fitness levels. All training and exercises can be adapted to suit individuals.

My training methods are well suited to ladies wanting to initiate a fitness programme, but lack the motivation or the knowledge to maximise the benefits of those all important workout sessions.

Ladies Fitness at NRG Gym

PLEASE NOTE: Unless you want to be involved with sparring or fight training, there is no physical contact so there is no need to worry about being hit!

I use a combination of different approaches to elevate the level of your fitness and you can expect the sessions to include a number of the following components

  • Skipping – Improves your strength, balance and aids weight management
  • Exercises – Push ups, sit ups, squats, jumps etc
  • Weights – Light free weights help tone your muscles making you leaner and stronger
  • Running – Various running activities are excellent for weight loss
  • Pad Kickboxing – Using the kick pads – Kicks are a great exercise for leg and core and in fact all over body
  • Fun WHOLE Gym challenges – Take part of in the fun challenges, trying to beat your own score, week on week and thus increasing your fitness levels – Get your name on the leader board!!!

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