I found the NRG Gym, due to my son wanting to take up Boxing. But then after attending for a few weeks, decided Myself and my other 2 children would also join in, as not just limited to Boxing, But Fitness and Kickboxing as well.

NRG has massively complemented my Running and helped me to get the fittest I’ve ever been, all whilst having fun! My only regret is not finding the gym and taking up Kickboxing when I was much younger. And as soon as 1 session is finished, I can’t wait for the next one!

Ross, is an Amazing hardworking Trainer, who adds fun & humour to the sessions, with his unique exercise methods & challenges. No session is ever the same, which I absolutely love! He seems to ‘wing’ it each time, and never fails to disappoint!

Kelly Lock

We have been training twice a week (until lockdown) with NRG boxing and fitness for a couple of years now as a  private family group, after trying other boxing gyms, my kids love every session with Ross, he pushes them hard enough to make a difference but keeps an element of fun in each session to keep them coming back, even though he tells us “if we’re having fun we’re not training”, other gyms they found boring and repetitive. As for myself Ross has helped me both physically in my fitness and mentally, it’s amazing what a bit of boxing can do for the mind after a not so great day.

We can’t recommend Ross and NRG boxing enough, and not just Ross and the gym but every member we have met who always make everyone feel welcome, will never change gyms again.


Since I joined NRG it’s boosted my confidence, helped my fitness and changed my lifestyle. Ross is a great coach, he has patience and time for everyone, he adapts to everyones level and encourages everyone. The gym has a fantastic environment and all egos are left at the door. I always look forward to the next session


I have been fitness training at NRG for many years now and a year ago Ross encouraged me to start training from scratch for my first fight which I’m happy to say I won!

Ross has got the right ingredients of a perfect coach/mentor, he is very professional, fair, always happy and chatty, he motivates and pushes you when you need it but is also quick to praise when it’s good, the group sessions are always fun, with plenty of variety of exercises and you meet some lovely people along the way.

I also take some students with learning difficulties to Ross on a weekly basis for sessions, these sessions not only help the students with their fitness but also communication, coordination and teamwork.

Whether it’s for fitness, boxing, confidence, muscle tone, social or to help your mental health, there is no better place than NRG, I highly recommend it and wouldn’t go anywhere else

Sarah Perry

I have been training with Ross at NRG for around 8 years now. Sometimes life has got in the way but he’s always been there for me and welcomed me back with open arms. This gym, Ross and the family within it has always mentally got me through some tough patches in my life and for this I am eternally grateful! 

Ross leads his sessions, with a perfect balance of motivation, patience, and Humour, no session is the same and I can never wait to go back for more! 

Thank you to Ross and the NRG family, for always giving me a healthy safe inspiring place to grow.

Sarah Froud

I have been training with Ross for the last 10 years so I can confidently say he’s an extremely motivational, knowledgeable and competent coach. The NRG gym is a fun, family orientated place to workout with small class numbers and an inviting environment. All Ross’s clients are very friendly and sessions are always a laugh. During the past decade I have trained for 15 fights with 9 victories and two southern area titles with thanks to Ross. He always pushes clients to train harder and be the best version of themselves. If you’re looking to lose weight, get fitter or learn to box then give NRG a go!

Jo Hodgkinson

I started training with Ross just shy of 4 years ago, this quickly turned into something my whole family got on board with. So much so that within 8 months both my wife and I fought at one of the NRG fight nights. And the kids were gaining numerous belts for kickboxing (far better than the next level of an Xbox game).

Having the confidence from Ross’s training not only helps you in the ring but also in life. When training, everything seems easier, less stress full and most of all rewarding. Genuinely could not recommend Ross Philips and the whole NRG team highly enough

Steve Lewis